I cloned a new virtual Ubuntu 12.04 server and added isc’s dhcp server to emulate the cs department’s network.

apt-get install dhcpd-server

This installs isc’s dhcpd version 4 I think.

Edit /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf default-lease-time 600; max-lease-time 7200; authoritative; subnet netmask { range; option routers; option subnet-mask; option broadcast-address; option domain-name-servers,; option domain-name "tom.umb.edu"; option domain-search "tom.umb.edu";

# dynamic DNS updates ddns-updates on; ddns-domainname “tom.umb.edu”; ddns-rev-domainname “10.10.10.in-addr.arpa”;

next-server; filename “boot\x86\wdsnbp.com”; } </code>

Start the server: service isc-dhcp-server start